Joice Mujuru Wants Zimbabweans To ‘Tell Mugabe To Go’

Former ally of Mugabe and ex-Vice President of Zimbabwe, Joice Mujuru recently made it known that the reason Mugabe is still in power has something to do with Mugabe being held hostage by selfish Zimbabweans.

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“Mugabe has always said if Zimbabweans tell me to go, I will go, so he is there because we have not told him to go. I believe we should tell him to go … he is being kept in office by people who have looted this country and they think the only way to escape is by keeping the old man hostage in office,” News Day quoted Mujuru as saying.

The statement was made when the former ZANU-PF member was visiting party officials who were admitted to a hospital after suffering an accident.

She buttressed her point by adding that the nonagenarian president is clueless on how to run the country.

“At 93, what do you expect from him? He just does not care anymore and I doubt he still understands what is expected of him in terms of providing solutions to address the economic rot which is causing this decay of social service delivery,” Mujuru said.

Joice Mujuru is the widow of Zimbabwe’s first postindependence army general, Solomon Mujuru. She was also a guerilla fighter during Mugabe’s liberation war in the 70s. She served under several cabinets of Mugabe’s administration and was a likely candidate to succeed him.

She echoed this sentiment some during a presentation at the London School of Economics. She stated that she was a clear successor of Mugabe but some men were unable to handle it.

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Mujuru was kicked out of the ZANU-PF party in 2014 after First Lady Grace Mugabe accused her of causing divisions in the party while also plotting to depose President Mugabe.

She however, denied the claims, stating they were false. She went on to form her own party, the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) which was launched in March 2016.