Kenyan Child Beggar Breaks Down On Meeting Woman Who Has Depended On Her Oxygen For 7 Years

Perhaps this is one of those awkward moments you realize that ‘yours’ is not really worse than ‘mine’. Gladys Kamande’s encounter with a Kenyan street boy says it all.

A Kenyan child beggar approaches a car to beg for alms only to find what could as well be the shock of his life. The woman in the car had oxygen tubes fixed to her nostrils.

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For the past 7 years the survivor has moved around with a generator and a gas cylinder in order to breathe. Apparently she cannot do without the life support.


Beholding the sight of the cheerful sick lady, the boy broke down in tears. He thought he needed help and car owners probably are better off from his point of view. Before his eyes, he finds life is not always what it appeared to be.

A brief personal information of the woman says she has survived several harsh ordeals but remains strong in the face of them all.

Gladys Kamande is a blind woman who has had seven miscarriages. She was assaulted and abandoned by her abusive spouse. Report says her husband callously attacked her on her 7th pregnancy. Now she is on live support machines.

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Gladys and relatives were stuck in traffic on their way to Kenyatta National Hospital for her treatment when the street boy approached them for help.

The curious boy asked why Gladys looked the way she did – attached with the gas cylinder. He got answers that provoked uncontrollable tears in his eyes. He held her hand and said a prayer for Gladys.

Report says that Gladys needs about KSh 7 million to help her get treatment.