‘Kenya’s Airports Are Not Under Threat’ — Yatich Kangugo

A memo which was supposedly written by Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Security Manager Eric Kiraithe warning airport officials of a planned terror attack has gone viral.

The memo reads;

“We have received Intelligence reports that Al-Shabab is planning to conduct suicide terror attacks against Kenyan airports late February and early March 2016

“The attacks mainly target domestic flights and operatives posing as passengers intend to blow themselves up during landing.

“A team of 11 suicide bombers have undergone training within Somalia on airborne suicide missions in readiness for the attacks. Five operatives will target Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport while the rest will focus on airports at the Coast region, among them Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

“The planned attacks by Al Shabaab against Kenyan airports are likely to paralyze operations at the vital installations with far-reaching ramifications to national security. Manage this communication to achieve maximum alertness not to foster panic.”

Eric Kiraithe however did not comment on this memo, and it is believed to be a hoax.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Acting Managing Director Yatich Kangugo told journalists;

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“We wish to inform the general public that the aviation industry is very sensitive to all security matters. We take proactive action on any intelligence information however frivolous it may seem.”

Kiraithe who regretted the statement being released without the usual protocol of verification added that;

“KAA is aware of the prevailing global terrorism threat by among others Al-Shabaab who have issued public threats against Kenya,

“The public are urged to maintain vigilance and inform law enforcement agencies of any information on suspicious activities as they go about their daily lives.”

The viral memo comes some days after the Inspector General of police said that Al-Shabab’s threat is still alive in the country.

“Available information indicate that Al-Shabaab is still keen on attacking us targeting security installations, soft targets in the Northern Kenya Counties, in the Coast and other major cities,” Boinnet said.

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