Since They Won’t Stop Kenyan Government Is Out To Wipe Them All Out

As a proposition in perspective and in practice per say, Kenya’s radical justice appears to be a viable option in reducing religious extremism in Kenya.

For years now, the world has been suffering from various attacks of Islamic extremists. Each part of the world goes through one attack or the other at each point in time. It is almost like an epidermic.

ISIS as known has affiliates in all parts of the world. In East Africa for instance the menace group functions under the name of ‘Al-shabaab’.

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The terrorist group has been terrorizing the region; claiming plenty of Christian lives. Kenya got into the picture because they came to the aid of Somalia, a neighboring country in need of armed forces to tackle their gross destruction in the country.

In paying them back for interfering in their killing spree, the extremist group unleashed an overdose of terror in Kenya.

The knowledge of the fact that something has to be done inspired Kenya’s radical justice. Pocketing compassion, the government has decided that retributive justice is the only way out.


Al-shabaab just like other affiliates have shown beyond reasonable doubt that they have no intentions of slowing down. In which case the government has reportedly decreed that for every 1 Christian they kill, 4 Muslims will be executed as well.

What inspired this “no more mercy” move was an incident that claimed the lives of 28 Christians in a bus. They were killed for refusing to recite the Islamic creed.

On getting information on the sad event, the Kenyan government moved swiftly and apprehended the culprits. Without wasting any time on protocols and sentencing, they too were executed for their crimes.

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The Kenyan government feels it is a waste of time and resources that they are detained and sustained in prison. Many have not exactly accepted Kenya’s radical justice but many others have applauded it.

The later believes this will be a good way of matching up to the level of damage that the group has inflicted on the people. Since the extremist group are often hardened criminals, they are of the opinion that wiping them away seems to be the answer in giving mankind relative peace once again.

It is worthy to mention that the Kenyan government has left no stone unturned in the fight against terrorism. The Kenyan police has foiled a couple of terror attempts by ISIS/Al-shabaab. Thanks to their security agencies the world’s most wanted female terrorist was captured.