kill rapists

Victims of rape are often just that, victims. Apart from dealing with the many physical repercussions of being raped, they often have to fight a losing emotional and mental battle.

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The perpetrators of this heinous crime often get away with it because most victims either give in to feelings of shame and fail to report the crime or else do report it and face another arduous, uphill battle attempting to prove that a crime was indeed committed. It is a battle that most victims simply cannot attempt to engage in.

kill rapists

Russia has however changed the rules of the ‘game’ with a new law that will allow women to kill rapists in self-defense. After a heated academic and political debate in the Russian Duma, Russia has adopted a new law that should stop rapists in their tracks.

Russian women can from now onwards, feel free to use force and even kill rapists and it will automatically be treated as a reaction in self-defense, where the raped woman will in no way be legally judged responsible for her actions.

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This new law followed the Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s commitment to deal with rapists and pedophiles. He had actually announced a war against them, stating that those who continuously committed these abuses “disgrace Russian justice”. Soon after, he passed a bill for lifelong punishment for such offenders (pedophiles and rapists), and his proposal was accepted.

kill rapists

It is an important law in Russia where rape has become quite the daily occurrence and many Russian women and women all over the world were thrilled at the announcement. It is great also to see a world leader with a tough stance on an issue which is also greatly plaguing Africa.

It is great also to see a world leader with a tough stance on an issue which is also greatly plaguing Africa and although this may not exactly be our own answer, a tougher stance on rape is needed in Africa nonetheless.

Do you think Russia is going too far by allowing women to kill rapists in self-defense?