A yawn greets your girlfriend as you open the door to her for what you consider to be another random visit on this year’s leap day, joy lights up you heart as you look upon the face of your beloved and a smile quickly replaces the tired look on your face as you step back to allow her in.

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She however stays hanging around the fringes of the door and that action causes you to begin to notice the tenseness of her entire expression and posture. Immediately your mind begins to run scenarios as you brace yourself for what you imagine must be a fight in the making, the shy smile that comes across her face briefly, confuses you even further and you suddenly want your quiet, lonely evening back as worst case scenarios ravage your mind.

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Suddenly in full view of your entire neighborhood, the love of your life or your girl for a couple of nights gets on one knee, pulls out a ring box and begins to utter a stream of words that you can hardly follow because shock is taking over your system and making you exceedingly slow. Of course all this is pure conjecture and especially in Africa, it would seem highly unlikely to see this happen, but times are changing and today’s date (29th February, 2016) and an age old tradition, may encourage differing versions of this event.


29th February, 2016 is a leap day and according to tradition, a woman is allowed to propose on the leap day. The tradition’s origins have been attributed to quite a number of historical figures, with one of the most well known and yet heavily disputed renditions of events being that of Saint Bridget in the 5th Century. Saint Bridget had supposedly complained to Saint Patrick that women had to wait too long for their suitors to propose, he had then given women the leap day every leap year to pop the question.

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So is this one of those traditions that sound like a mere myth to our African ears but cannot really work here, are there possibly any women waiting around for a leap day or any random day for that matter, just straining to get on one knee and propose to the love of their lives and how would an African man react to such a proposal? These days the answers to those questions are bound not to be as cut as dried as it was sure to be a couple of years ago, but still such a move would admittedly require a lot of courage and open mindedness from both sides.

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