Light To Learn: Akon Shows Support For Education In Liberia

Popular singer and philanthropist, Akon has stated that he will support Liberia’s energy needs, while standing together with the Bridge Partnership in the Light To Learn campaign.

Akon shares the sentiment with millions of other Africans that the lack of energy in the continent is responsible for its slow development.

“It always has been difficult to see what our future has in front of us because of the lack of energy here in Africa,” Akon said.

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“Too many stories’ headlines in the news and documentaries always speak about how children walk miles and miles to go to school.

He added that stories like this are not common in the western world because education in the western world is prioritized, unlike in Africa.

The songwriter made an appearance at the J.W. Pearson Elementary School on Carey Street in Monrovia, where he brought lighting to the communities as part of his lighting Africa project.

Pupils from the Bridge Partnership schools in Liberia were positively impacted by Akon’s project. They also participated in a talent show which saw some of them singing, reciting poems and even rapping.

The CEO of the Bridge partnership, Shannon May, expressed her delight in Akon’s project and his assistance with the  Bridge partnership.

She added that this was necessary for the advancement of education and Liberia.

Light To Learn: Akon Shows Support For Education In Liberia

Akon also visited the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the advancement of his Light to learn initiative.

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President Sirleaf welcomed the pop singer, commending him for his dedication to education and taking it to rural Liberia.

She also used the moment to announce the Mount Coffee Hydro Power plant which will be commissioned for the first time in December, since it was destroyed in the civil conflict.

Although this will not be able to supply power to all Liberians, Akon said challenges are inevitable, while assuring her that he will always support education in Liberia.