Little Boy Who Wore A Jersey Made From Plastic Bag To Meet Messi

Earlier this year, a photo surfaced on the internet that sent viewers into bouts of “aww”s and other sentimental expressions. It was a picture of a young boy wearing an Argentine football jersey bearing Messi’s name and number — made out of a local plastic bag.

An alleged representative of Lionel Messi who plays for both FC Barcelona and the Argentine national team requested the identity of the boy so he could meet his hero.

It seems like his dreams are about to come true as he is reportedly set to meet Lionel Messi very soon.

The little boy whose name is Muratza is from a poor family in Afghanistan. His father, Arif Ahmadi says:

“Murtaza became a fan of Messi by watching television. He asked me to find a Messi shirt for him with Messi’s name on it but I couldn’t find him the jersey because we live in a remote village far from the bazaar.

boy in plastic bag messi shirt


“Then his brother made a plastic jersey for him and posted his photo on Facebook.”

“When I saw the photo on Facebook I was upset because in our village it is unusual to do such a thing and now people keep talking behind our back about posting such a photo on the Internet or Facebook.”He said.

Muraztza’s older brother, Homayoun who made the make-shift jersey told Aljazeera;

Murtaza found a plastic bag and ran towards me asking me to make a jersey out of it for him,” the 15-year-old said

“We can’t even imagine buying the original Messi jersey. We just can’t afford it so, to make my brother happy, I made a shirt out of that plastic bag for him.”

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The boy’s father, Mohammad Arif Ahmadi, said that he has been overwhelmed by the response to the photographs.

“We did not expect that we would get this kind of support from everyone. People from all over the world have been calling me to help get Murtaza a jersey and a football,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Murtaza can’t hold it. He is so excited by the news of meeting Messi. We don’t know when is it going to happen, but we are humbled by the response we got.”

The head of the Afghanistan Soccer Federation Keramuddin Karim claims that accommodation has been sorted and the Spanish embassy is ready to issue the visa. They are currently waiting on the Barcelona Football Club to appoint a date as they promised to give them feed back in a few days.

See photos of the excited Muratza who has gotten a Messi jersey below.

muratza playing football

messi fan afghanistan muratza

Also watch this adorable video of Muratza showing us his football skills here.

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