Genetically Identical Triplets Defy A 2 Million To 1 World Ratio

Liverpool has registered a rare genetic possibility of having triplets who are identical in every sense of the word.

The Liverpool identical triplets are said to have beaten a logical genetic chance of 2 million:1 ratio of being completely alike in genetics and appearance.

To be identical means that the babies came from one egg, thus are referred to as monozygotic triplets. This literally means that the babies possess a striking similarity in their genetic features; same sex, blood groups and finger prints.

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Biological science says to have identical triplets and even quadruplets is possible but super-rare. The Liverpool identical triplet, Roman, Rocco and Rohan were conceived naturally. Report says they also spent 6-weeks in the intensive care unit.

Discovering that she was to prepare for 3 babies instead of one was the first shocker for Becki-Jo Allen. After the birth she realized what everyone else seemed to notice; they all looked alike. Becki went for a DNA test to ascertain how fraternal or identical the triplets were. The result came out showing that the 3 lovely boys were identical to each other.

One advantage of multiple births is that in serious health cases that demand tissue donation or transplants, the twins or triplets can help each other out without endlessly searching for donors.


It can be tasking sometimes to tell which triplet is which but their mother, Becki says she has no trouble identifying them individually.

“When they were newborns it was quite hard to tell which one was which, but I never got them mixed up myself,’ she said yesterday.

“They’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman’s is slightly darker than the others’, and Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well.”

“When they were in the hospital, the doctors said they were non-identical, but since they came home lots of people have said they can’t tell them apart.”

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The Liverpool identical triplets were delivered by Caesarean section at 31 weeks. Rocco weighed 3lb 5oz, Roman- 3lb 6oz and Rohan weighed 3lb 10oz. They have a cute big sister, 3-year old Indiana.
Liverpool Identical Triplets