So Much For Portugal Win! Airport To Be Named After Cristiano Ronaldo

Still in appreciation of the Portugal win, Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is to be honored by having the Madeira International airport re-named after him.

The announcement was made on Thursday after a council meeting of the local government. Confirming it on Friday was Miguel Albuquerque, President of Madeira.

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Madeira International Airport

The President said that the Madeira international airport which is the Island’s major airport will be named after the Super-soccer champ for his job well done in the match that earned Portugal a resounding a win in the just concluded Euro 2016.

Miguel says naming the Madeira International airport after Cristiano is to show how proud the people of Madeira are for having a star who is representing them in brighter lights than ever.

According to him, Cristiano’s success has put Portugal on international world map because of the personality, skills and business services of the Real Madrid player.

Let’s just say Cristiano is stamping a profile for having several monuments named after him. The living soccer legend has a museum and a hotel named after him in Funchal, Madeira.

31 year old Cristiano Ronaldo who already has a bronze statue took to Social media to show his delight over the honor soon-to-be awarded him.

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Madeira International Airport

In what seems to be a gradual plan for posterity, Cristiano is setting up a number of long term businesses. The star has been around for a while in his home town, Funchal, Madeira’s largest city.

Report says he has been there to visit family and then attend the official unveiling of his new hotel in the area. The recently launched  five-star hotel called Hotel Pestana CR7 is said to be one of his four new hotels in Madeira.

Opening Of 'Pestana CR7 Funchal' Hotel Owned By Cristiano Ronaldo