Majek Fashek Hits The Studio Again And Brings Along Nigerian Star 2Baba

Majek Fashek has an untouchable legacy in the reggae music scene in Nigeria. His contributions to music have remained unsullied even as he seemed to struggle and fail in other areas.

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After ruling the reggae genre in Nigeria in the nineties, his public image was overtaken by a focus on his drug use and subsequent destitution. In his heyday, however, he was a star in every sense of the word even transcending the borders of Nigeria.

New York Times described him in 1990 as “a charismatic, accomplished performer, with a gift for catchy riffs and a promising hybrid style, one that started in standard reggae but has added the bustling cross-rhythms of Nigerian juju and a touch of hard rock.”

Majek Fashek

He was even featured on popular American TV show ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and younger reggae acts frequently acknowledge both his influence on the style as a whole and the enduring quality of his music.

Seemingly edging his way back onto the music stage, Majek has made few public performances lately, one of the most recent being at the monthly Afropolitan Vibes concert.

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We may hold off on waving a final goodbye to the music of Majek Fashek as he has hit the studio to record a remix of his 1990s hit “Holy Spirit” from the 1991 ‘Spirit of Love’ album. The song is now titled “No More Sorrow” and features another living legend; Tuface or 2baba.

Listen to the song below;

TuFace who was seemingly ecstatic about the opportunity had this to say;

“It’s an honour to collaborate with one of Africa’s greatest musicians of all time…To go from admiring him from a distance to actually having the opportunity to record with him and contribute to his legacy is something I cherish.”

Majek Fashek

The song; No More Sorrow talks about attaining Utopia, describing a perfect world void of killings, sorrow, and war. The song is chock full of biblical references.