Malawian Albinos Face Possible Extinction – United Nations

A United Nation human rights council’s expert says that Malawian Albinos may face extinction. In other words the UN personnel implied that it has sadly gotten to that point where albinos will not be found in Malawi for all the wrong reasons.

Albinos all over the world face a certain level of discrimination. But in Africa, the experience is a lot worse. In different parts of the continent, albinism is viewed as taboo. As such people with albinism in the region go through a lot of ordeal.

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According to the expert Ms Ikponwosa Ero, who is also an albino, there is an estimated 10, 000 albinos most likely to face “extinction”. This is because of the incessant and inhumane treatments meted out to them. Some are murdered. Others are mutilated for diabolical reasons. Ms Ero says that albinos in some parts of Africa are seen as a source of income.

In places like Malawi and Tanzani there have been cases where albinos lose a part or parts of their body to ritualists who want to be wealthy and influential. In a place like Tanzania there are local markets where charms made from albino body parts are sold. Desperate citizens who want to be rich go as far as exhuming the dead bodies of Malawian albinos from their graves.

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“Even in death, they do not rest in peace as their remains are robbed from graveyards”- Ms Ero

It is a fact that the economic states of these places may contribute to the albino hunt.

Malawian Albinos

“Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and the sale of body parts of persons with albinism is believed to be very lucrative.”

Ms Ero says that if this hideous crimes continue to be perpetuated on Malawian albinos, then they are bound to go extinct.