Malema Threatens To Lock Up FW de Klerk For Killing Black People, If He Becomes President

EFF leader Julius Malema has faced FW de Klerk, the 7th and last apartheid-era president (September 1989 – May 1994).

He has openly threatened the White South African politician that If he (Malema), becomes the next SA president, FW de Klerk would be jailed for killing black people.

“De Klerk must pray that I don’t become president. If I do‚ I will lock him up for many years for killing black people.”

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Malema made the threat while he was addressing his supporters outside a Bloemfontein court today. Malema’s wish “is to see De Klerk in jail‚ our brothers and sisters are in unidentified graves because of De Klerk”.

With the postponement of his court summon to June 5, 2017, Malema is still pushing to contravene the Riotous Assemblies Act.

For mandating blacks to take back their lands and occupy unoccupied lands, Malema has been charged with land invasion under the section 18(2) b of the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956.

He insists that the Riotous act was an apartheid law and therefore should be found unconstitutional.

The threat to lock up FW de Klerk will not be the first time Malema has suggested that the former white leaders slaughtered innocent black South Africans as they forcefully took over their lands.

 “We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”.

“I’m not for reconciliation but for justice. I will never kill white people. We are asking politely that they return our land. If not‚ I cannot guarantee peace.”

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To the Afrikaner males, Malema advised them to pray that the EFF does not take over power; because if they do, Afrikaner males will know their place in South Africa.

“When we take over power, Afrikaner males, you will know your place.”

According to the EFF leader, the Afrikaan males are no match for them, be it ideologically or politically.

Reacting to Malema’s statement about locking up FW de Klerk, his Foundation has taken up the case. The foundation has requested an urgent meeting with the South African Human Rights Commission to adress Malema’s utterance.