My Wife Changed Me; She Completes Me – Julius Malema

Behind Julius Malema, the red beret leader, is Mantwa Matlala.

EFF founder and politician, Julius Malema may never have come across to South Africans as the man who acknowledges and yields to the orders of a woman.

However the vibrant political star has revealed that his wife, Mantwa Matlal, has had series of successful influences on him. He also says that she does not shy away from telling him when he is doing something wrong or giving her opinion about an issue, be it political or otherwise.

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For the past few days, Africa and indeed the international community blasted the Nigerian President’s comments of his wife belonging to the “kitchen” and “other rooms”.

It is quite nice that a radical political figure like Malema will publicly admit to listening to his wife.

Mantwa Matlala

In his words,

“She completes me. She’s able to speak a lot of sense and persuade me to see certain things different and get me to do things I haven’t done. And watching Perfect Wedding (Our Perfect Wedding). Things I used to think were girly things… I enjoy them.”

During the TV interview, Malema was asked by the host, Anele, whose call he will always take, no matter what. Julius Malema gave this reply:

“My wife’s number. Even if I put ‘do not disturb’ on the phone. I put her on favourites so she can come through. There will be trouble at home. At home it must be peaceful. I can’t be fighting with Zuma and there’s another Zuma in the house.”

Thanks to Mantwa Matlala, he is now more open to diverse opinions and he has overcome his phobia for movie theaters. Now he is being “dragged to movies”.

Mantwa Matlala

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Initially he would always put off going to the cinema with his son for fear of making funny media headlines and secondly because he does not get the whites when they speak.

“I can’t hear the white people when they speak. Then I keep on saying ‘what are they saying?’ Then when I ask, someone is trying to call me to order and ‘sssh.'”

In all, the EFF leader showed South Africans that aside his political radicality, he is also a regular guy who gives due relevance to his spouse.