Market Your Talent With A Stellar LinkedIn Profile

There was a time when you could conclusively represent yourself to an employer via paper. Getting a job meant being able to put down a properly through résumé, your achievements over the years and acing an interview with your potential employer. The job market this days is more digitized and any forward thinking talent is constantly on the look out to make themselves more marketable. Social media platforms have become an engaging way for employers to search out fresh talent and harnessing them properly could just get you an invitation into an opportunity door, that had previously been unknown to you.

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Social media platforms abound; from Facebook, twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn and while it is true that different talents fare better with different platforms, the first Investis IQ Audience Insight Report published October 2013, tracked visitors to corporate websites from social media platforms and found that LinkedIn drives significantly more traffic to corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined.

So given this new or old understanding, what is the best way to market yourself or your company on this platform. How do you get someone to stop by your page, get a feel of you and decide that you can provide what they’re looking for? We’ll show you one such way now to be one of the top profiles among the almost 400 million members across 200 countries in what could be described as a one-stop shop for finding, engaging, and doing business with your ideal customers.


Now the obvious way to go with creating your LinkedIn professional headline which represents an about you in LinkedIn circles and follows you everywhere, is to include your company name, fancy job title and all those other things that you would find on a resume. That professional headline, although it may be a good representation of you and your skills does not especially tell people what you can do for them, so what should your all important professional headline look like instead?

You have exactly 120 characters to convey; who you are, what you can do, the audience you serve and the value you bring to customers. Here are some basic pointers that should help you create a popping, standout headline;

  • Instead of stopping at an I can, your headline should decry how; “I can help you”. Write a headline that contains a benefit to the viewer or reader
  • Use keywords that people will search for if they are looking for your services. Google searches will help you a lot with this, search your profession and see the top keywords
  • Use either commas or vertical bars (|) to separate phrases and never use all uppercase letters
  • Show your personality, as much as your LinkedIn profile should be professional, a little humor has always been known to draw people in
  • Keep fine tuning your professional headline as you see the headlines that draw more traffic and get more adept at the art.

We’ll leave you with some examples of what most social media marketers consider to be good LinkedIn professional headlines.



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