Mary Kibawana Kamajo

Mary Kibawana Kamajo was a Kenyan domestic worker whose Lebanese boss set ablaze.

Mary gave up the ghost upon her return to Kenya to complete her treatment.

Report says that the young mother of 4 died on July, 29th 2016. The 31-year old was set on fire by her Arabian boss in April. For 3 months, Mary struggled to survive but finally gave up.

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Domestic violence in the Middle East is almost a normal news. But what ceases to be normal is the inhuman treatments meted out to Africans who work in that capacity.

With no higher educational qualification, Mary sojourned to Lebanon and settled for the work of a maid for a Lebanese household.

As common with several other similar stories, she was abused and over worked.

Before her death, the victim recalled that the woman she worked for and her daughter would beat her for no justifiable reason.

“They would also give me bad food. I had no breaks from work and I would toil from 6 am daily to late in the night. They took my passport away the day I arrived and I had no access to a calendar so I never knew what day it was, let alone the time.”

While in the middle of her chores on the 17th of April, 2016, Mary Kibawana Kamajo was attacked by the woman. Before Mary understood what was going on the woman ignited a gas cylinder on her.

“My clothes and lower body immediately caught fire before it spread to my chest.”

She also recalled that she ran to the bathroom where she passed out. On waking up she found the woman still kicking and verbally abusing her. A good neighbor finally came to her rescue and took her to the hospital.

Mary Kibawana Kamajo suffered a 3rd degree burn. She was hospitalized for 6 weeks in Lebanon before she was lucky enough to come back home, courtesy of a Kenyan lawmaker.

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She recalled as well that the employers refused to alert her family about her health status. The doctors and nurses did not also help her in that regard. 

“I would cry every day, begging the doctors and the nurses to send me home but nobody listened. I begged to be allowed to speak to the Kenyan embassy but the people in the hospital ignored me.”

Sadly, Mary Kibawana Kamajo was reported dead last month. It is not known if the Kenyan government is taking this issue up or not.