McDonald Twin Boys

The separation of the McDonald Twin boys made headlines in October. The twins were conjoined at their crowns.

After 27 hour long surgery the boys were successfully separated. They were discharged on Thanksgiving day and now they are breaking all odds as they make it to Christmas as well.

6 weeks after the $2.5 million surgery, the twin boys – Jadon and Anias – were moved to a rehab facility shortly after Thanksgiving.

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Medical records show that the recovery rate of the boys is the fastest in the history of craniopagus twin cases. Drawing from the national statistics, it is more than a miracle that the McDonald twin boys had already made it to the 13th month.

It says 40% of craniopagus twins are stillborn; and of the surviving pairs, one third of them die within 24 hours of birth. Fortunately the twins are doing super good.


Before the surgery, the parents of the twin boys were aware that separation implied that one or both of them stood a chance of suffering developmental complications.

While Jadon, known as the the rambunctious one, is quickly making a come back to his “vibrant, active, and energetic self”, Anais the more contemplative one is having series but improving challenges. Anias had multiple seizures after the separation. Both boys have battled infections, fevers and seizures.

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As the boys make their resounding recovery, Americans have showered their parents with gifts and financial donations to sustain their welfare and medical bills.

Nicole and Christian have seen a much different America, one filled with kind, loving and selfless people. From hugs and stuffed animals to donations and messages of support, the parents have been left in awe. Donations to their GoFundMe page to cover the boys’ medical expenses have skyrocketed from about $50,000 before the surgery to nearly $300,000.- CNN.

More than the gifts, the boys’ dad, Christian is grateful for the prayers of their supporters and well wishers,

“I know God hears prayers… I think our prayers did influence God to help out.”