Cherae is an African-American who emerged the winner of the She leads Africa tech-competition 2014. Cherae is one of the newly discovered leading women in technology and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys touring the world. She noticed a lapse in her search for “cool” places aside the safaris to visit in Africa, and that gave birth to her tourism mobile app which fetched her a $10, 000 reward after showcasing her tech skills and tourism initiative at the She Leads Africa tech-competition.

Cherae’s love for travelling and her knowledge in the technology department fused into a wholesome package to solve a vital problem in publicizing Africa in the truly developing light that it deserves. With more of such tour apps and guides, we might have lesser degrading images of the continent in the international community. If you haven’t, just try, once you type in Africa on the internet, the first best pictures that you see (aside the maps) are from the remotest part of Africa, the nicest will be the safaris and a little bit of densely stereotyped culture, but that is clearly not what Africa is all about. There are funny looking people and places even in the most developed countries of the world but you never get to see them first once the country is searched for.


The harm about these misleading images is that when someone who has not been to the continent sees them on TV or the internet, they are not exactly enthusiastic about visiting, I mean if they have zoos there, what in the world are they looking for in Africa if all we have are safaris. In her words, “When you Google “African Travel” or “Travel in Africa” everything shows up like the Lion King“. Africa has grown beyond the jungle that foreigners think she is. Though staggering, we are surely growing in technology, economy and all what not; and Cherae is here to display just that.


With her $10, 000 reward in September, 2014, Cherae officially set to work in December, 2014. She is the founder of TasteMakers Africa, Skip Mediocre website which has become the latest trending Africa tour app designed specially for the showcasing and discovery of lofty Afro-natural heritage and uncelebrated exotic spots. Through this website, Cherae, who is one of Forbes 10 emerging women entrepreneurs to watch in Africa, and her team tours and explores more of Africa and shows them to the world, the way they truly and really are. The website aims at promoting African tourism as well as the culture. It could actually serve as the best tour guide you need before you make that trip to the nearest African country to you. Tastemakers Africa tends to celebrate the African environment, culture, cuisine, arts and crafts; and they also make tour bookings and guides available to interested visitors to the continent.


Still in line with bringing out the bright sides of the African continent, Cherae, also founded Rare Customs, which she uses as a means to spur up further developments in Africa, meeting the needs of the contemporary digital inclined travel lovers, as well as promoting a more positive perception of Africa in the international community. It is only conveniently appropriate that Rare Customs through their services and products, set the pace for sourcing development opportunities in the African system; it tends to re-brand the bastardized approach to Africa travels.


Discovering and celebrating these Africa’s unknown places and events, automatically leads to a developmental stage where avenues are simultaneously created to make Africa travel experiences more interesting and worth the while; thereby, channeling these natural Afro-beauties into economic opportunities that can develop the African society in general. Rare Customs serves as a platform for potential foreign investors, especially from the United States.

What can we say she sure figured it out; with a tourism/public relations platform (Tastemakers Africa) and an investment interface (Rare Customs), Cherae and her visionary team has got Africa covered for the better.

Photos: Bella Naija & Tastemakers Africa.