Microsoft Word Is Getting A Big Update And It’s Sure To Make You A Better And Smarter Writer

Any regular user of Microsoft word, which is a good number of students and some office workers, will find it sorely lacking in the editing area.

A mistake with spelling or capitalization would only result in a red squiggly line drawn across the word and limited options for correction if you right click.

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For subscribers to the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite, things are about to get a whole lot better.

Although, the squiggly lines are not going anywhere, the editing capabilities in Microsoft word will be improved by the addition of Editor for Word, coming in August.

Microsoft Word

David Alexander from Microsoft spoke to Business Insider on the update stating; “Right now, [spellcheck] is more about what you did wrong,”. While it may be helpful to know what you did wrong, the Editor for Word will take things a bit further by suggesting and actually giving reasons why it has marked the word as wrong.

That way by knowing where you went wrong and why you went wrong, you will be able to learn via the corrections and ultimately become a better writer.

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It will also be especially useful for corporate organizations to keep all writing for the company in sync. The IT department could load Editor for Word full of their corporate style and consequently keep individuals writing within the line.

So if your company spells “e-mail” instead of “email,” Editor will help keep it consistent across all documents.

Editor for Microsoft word will also have double-blue squiggly lines which will appear when it wants to suggest a better way to write any given part of the text. It will make actual writing suggestions.

Microsoft Word

As if that’s not enough, Word is getting another new feature called Researcher that will help you find information and pictures from the web straight within the document editor, with search engine Bing going out and helping you vet credible sources. It will even generate your bibliography for you as you go.

One can only get this updates if they are paying monthly or annually for Microsoft Office 365, but there seem to be a good reason to keep subscribing, that’s if you are concerned about better writing.