For his historic win of the WBA heavyweight championship, Anthony Joshua, the current International Boxing Federation Champ has been praised and commended by Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson is one of the boxing champs of all times,

Being a one time heavyweight champion himself, Tyson admits that the young Nigerian-British boxer thrilled him during his fight with Ukranian legend, Wladimir Klitschko at the Wembley Stadium in England a couple of weeks ago.

“It was a great fight,”

“I had actually picked Klitschko to win as I thought this was just some jumped-up young guy from England. But man he fought well. Klitschko is 41 and no-one has ever done that to him.”

True what they say, success has a lot of friends. Tyson confirms it so in his recent interview with ESPN. He says that since the newcomer defeated a seasoned professional boxer, he has automatically become the biggest name in boxing.

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Anthony Joshua

On that note, Anthony Joshua is the hottest cake in boxing till another displaces him from the heavyweight position.

“With what Joshua can bring now everyone will want to fight him because he is bringing the money to the table,”

“After the Klitschko fight, nobody is going to want to watch Deontay Wilder or any of those guys. They won’t pay for it, they want the best and the best is Joshua.”

“I really don’t think Deontay Wilder would be a good fight for Joshua, I’d much prefer to see him fight Mike Perez. He needs a couple more fights but that could be great to watch.”

Latest information has hinted that Anthony Joshua will possibly be facing a line up of tournaments soon.

Before the fight with Klitschko, the contract that was signed contained a re-match clause. Thus, it will not be surprising for Klitschko to request for another fight with Anthony Joshua.

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Anthony Joshua

Another unbeaten world champion, Tyson Fury has also talked of plans to fight Anthony Joshua next October at Wembley.

Tyson Fury beat Klitschko in his last match in November 2015.

Assuming he gets cleared of his drug allegations and mental-related issues, Tyson Fury insinuates that Anthony Joshua will be too small a fighter to launch his comeback. All things being equal, the match will be scheduled for July 8.

“A lot of people have picked AJ to beat me, but I’ve said many times that we are in a sport called “the sweet science” and it’s not a body-building contest or a strongman competition. Joshua is an easy fight for me.”

Boxing fans will love to see the fight if Fury’s drug charges are dropped.

Mike Tyson also thinks having Anthony Joshua take on more high profile fights will be good for his career.

Having become an automatic AJ fan during last month’s match with Klitschko, he said:

“Importantly, he showed heart. He took a big punch from Klitschko and went down but he got back up. He showed real intestinal fortitude.”

“He’s consistent, persistent and he didn’t give up. There’s no quitting in him.”