DR Congo: Bodies Of Missing UN Workers Found Dead With Others

Latest International report says that the bodies of the missing UN workers have been found in Kasai-Central province, DR Congo.

The discovered bodies have been identified as those of UN workers- Michael Sharp from America and Zaida Catalan from Sweden; Betu Tshintela, who served as an interpreter for the UN workers. Their bodies were found by UN peacemakers outside the city of Kananga.

The Congolese authority says that another body belonging to a woman was also found decapitated.

Reports say that some other nationals who accompanied the UN workers are still missing. Driver Isaac Kabuayi, and two motorcycle drivers disappeared as well on March 12.

The cause of their deaths, according to UN, has not been determined. The international body mourns the death of their workers and also says the case is now under investigation.

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UN Secretary General, Antonio Duterres said this in a statement:

“Michael and Zaida lost their lives seeking to understand the causes of conflict and insecurity in the DRC in order to help bring peace to the country and its people,”

“In case of criminal acts, the United Nations will do everything possible to ensure that justice is done.” 

Human Rights Watch says this will be the first time such a case is reported in Congo.

The UN workers had gone to the community where they were killed to find the root cause of the conflict in the area. In the course of their conflict resolution mission, they were brutally murdered.

Michael and Zaida were investigating the recent escalating violence and alleged human rights violations in DR Congo.

Unrest in the Congo especially in the astern parts is not a new story but the the recent upheaval in the Kasai region has taken the tension to a higher level.

This still points to the essence of the coming of the UN experts to find a headway in fostering a more stable and secure environment, courtesy of the United Nations.

An Aljazeera report gives the following facts,

“The Kamwina Nsapu militia has been fighting security forces since last year, with the violence increasing after security forces killed the militia’s leader in August.”

“More than 400 people have been killed and more than 200,000 displaced since then, according to the UN.”

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The UN has urged the DR Congo government to continue with the search of the 3 other Congolese nationals who were working with the murdered foreigners before they got missing.

US’ ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has sent her condolence to the families of the deceased UN workers. She praised and commended the efforts of the UN workers who died in the course of a selfless service.

“It is always difficult to lose a brave American dedicated to service,” 

“Michael was working on the front lines of what we try to do at the United Nations every day: find problems and fix them.”

On the news that bodies of foreigners were found in the Congo, John Sharp whose son has been missing was disturbed that the bodies could be those of his son, Michael and his colleague.

Confirming the truth, Michael Sharp’s father shared his grief on Facebook.

“Tonight I have no words except to thank you all for your support and prayers. Maybe words will come in time.”