Moroccan King Warn Citizens In Diaspora Against Islamic Extremism

The Moroccan President, King Mohammed VI has warned Moroccan citizens in diaspora to desist from the any terrorist activity engineered by radical Islamism.

The president sadly recalled the death of the French priest, Rev. Jacques Hamel who was killed by ISIS inspired teenagers in France.

“Killing a priest is forbidden by religion. Murdering him inside a church is unforgivable madness, for he is a human being and a religious man – even if he is not a Muslim.”

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On that note, it is brought to notice that the Bastile Day attack which took place on the 14th of July in France was carried out by a Tunisian.

The 31-year old French-Tunisian man whose ID was found after the incident, drove a lorry through a crowd of people. The attack killed about 84 persons and over 200 were critically injured.

The November terrorist attack in 2015 were reportedly perpetuated by 2 Belgians of Moroccan origin. In the same way, the Brussels attack in March was carried out by Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui, also of Moroccan origin.

Bearing that in mind, the President has registered his worry over the recurrent coincidences. He urged the people not to let such repeat itself again.

The plea is a concern to the president since Morocco is a largely Muslim country.

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King Mohammed VI categorically stated in his speech that those who killed in the name of the Islamic religion were “not Muslims”.

In his speech, the President extensively condemned Islamic Extremism:

“Their only link to Islam is the pretexts they use to justify their crimes and their folly. They have strayed from the right path, and their fate is to dwell forever in hell. They think – out of ignorance – that they are engaging in jihad.

“Since when has jihad been synonymous with killing innocent people? The Almighty says: ‘Do not transgress limits, for Allah loves not transgressors’. Is it conceivable that God… could order someone to blow himself up or kill innocent people? Islam, as a matter of fact, does not permit any kind of suicide – whatever the reasons or circumstances.”