Fuel Truck Blast Leaves Many Dead In Mozambique

A fuel truck blast caused by an overturned truck in northern Mozambique has caused the death of at least 73 people, while also leaving more than 100 injured

The truck was transporting fuel to Malawi from the city of Beira in Mozambique blew up in the town of Caphiridzange in Tete province, about 2,000 km from Maputo, Mozambique’s capital.

Casualties of the accident were transported to a hospital located 90km away from the site of the accident. A team of government personalities are set to visit the area.

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“Ambulances and medical personnel were deployed to the scene in order to assist the victims. The injured were evacuated to Tete hospital,” a statement read.

The director of the Information Ministry João Manasses said authorities are trying to figure out the cause of the incident–whether the truck was selling petrol or it had been ambushed by residents of the area.

Radio Mozambique, however, reports that the explosion happened after a truck driver stopped to sell fuel to residents who gathered around the vehicle.

Since the end of the Mozambican civil war in 1992, Mozambicans have been deep in the throes of an economic crisis. Recently the price of fuel was increased after the country’s currency sunk against the dollar.

Fuel Truck Blast Leaves Many Dead In Mozambique

President of Mozambique, Mr. Filipe Nyusi has pledged to support the families of the victims of the fuel truck blast.

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The president said this in a statement in which he said “tragedy has knocked on our door once again”, recalling an incident which occurred in 2015 in the same Tete province which caused the death of about 70 people who died as a result of drinking contaminated beer.