Bill Gates To Meet With African Youth On MTV Base Meets

MTV Base meets is a show produced by MTV Base (Africa).

The show will be airing a panel of leading African tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and social investors, seating alongside the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.

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The US entrepreneur and philanthropist will make the special TV appearance on the episode of the show tagged ‘MTV Base Meets Bill Gates’ where he will discuss his views on the future of African technology, innovation and development with a group of African youths.

The panel is enviable for its embrace of diversity as it features African youths affecting and making contributions to the energy, employment, health, environment and education sectors.

The panelists comprise; 23-year-old Chris Kwekowe from Nigeria, 23-year-old George Mtemahanji from Tanzania, 24-year-old Brian Gitta from Uganda, 23-year-old Thato Kgathlanye, 27-year-old Siya Xuza from South Africa and 21-year-old Martha Njeri Chumo from Kenya.

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Nigerian panelist Chris Kwekowe is the co-founder of Slatecube, a service that adequately solves the constraints of e-learning to help solve youth unemployment in Nigeria.

Tanzania’s George Mtemahanji is an alternative energy entrepreneur and founder of SunSweet Solar while Brian Gitta, from Makarere University in Uganda, invented a tool that can diagnose malaria without the need for blood samples and a laboratory. The rest of the panelists have contributions just as impressive.

MTV Base meets is a long-standing franchise of MTV internationally, albeit the African iteration. It connects opinion formers and thought leaders with African youth by creating an intimate forum in which young people can pose candid questions about issues affecting their lives and futures.

The panel will certainly be an enlightening one and will hopefully hold promise for more innovation in the future.

MTV Base meets Bill Gates

MTV Base Meets Bill Gates was recorded at artSPACE, in Durban, South Africa during Bill Gates’ visit to the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in July.

The show will premiere in Nigeria on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) on Friday, August 5, 2016, at 6.30pm.