Mugabe Condemns This Flag Pastor, Evan Mawarire Says He Should Move Out Of Zimbabwe

For those who have been awaiting a reply from President Mugabe’s government as regards the new wave of social media activism in Zimbabwe, which has led to plans for stay-away protests and peaceful demonstrations in the country, President Mugabe has proven that he is not one to disappoint.

Mugabe has come out to blast this flag Pastor, Evan Mawarire who is at the heart of a social media campaign against the government.

Zimbabwe this flag pastor

Mugabe’s condemnation according to the state-owned Herald newspaper included everything from saying that Mawarire was not a “true preacher” who served God and that he spells God backward (ie dog).

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The president was quoted, while speaking at the funeral of his political comrade Charles Utete in the capital, as saying;

“The Mwarires, I don’t even know him… I don’t know if he’s a man of religion. A man of religion will speak the biblical truth.”

“First Corinthians, what does its say? Love one another. So beware these men of God – not all of them are true preachers of the Bible.”

“I don’t know whether they are serving God. Well, we spell God G.O.D. They spell God in reverse.”

Mugabe was also quoted as saying that if people like Evan Mawarire “don’t want to live with us they should go to those countries that are sponsoring them”.

Zimbabwe's Presidency

Meanwhile, the so called this flag Pastor is currently in neighboring South Africa. Mr. Mawarire, contrary to the President’s argument has said before that it his religion that has given him the courage to continue, despite attempted abductions and threats, including one to strangle him with a flag.

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He told the Zimbabwe Independent; “I go back to the bible…It says unless the watchman watches with God, he will watch in vain. The God factor is driving me.”