Mugabe @ 93: Smiling & Suffering Firms Wish Zim President “Many More Years”

For Mugabe’s 93rd birthday, some Zimbabwean businesses currently undergoing intense economic hurdles found it befitting to publicly wish the president a happy birthday and many more years.

Critics of the Mugabe administration see this act as utter sycophancy. Many Zim people have echoed the same sentiment.

The entire world knows that Zimbabwe’s economy is one of those in their lowest lows. Zimbabwean businesses are not booming like they should.

In 2001, the US and EU imposed sanctions that includes a travel ban and the freezing of Zim assets. The sanction was as a result of human rights abuse in government as well as dictatorial tendencies of Mugabe.

Adding to the sanction, is the continually failing health of Mr President.

Some businesses have completely folded; leading to the migration of citizens to South Africa to seek a greener pasture.

However the gesture of loudly celebrating Mugabe’s 93rd birthday appears, pro-Mugabe citizens have reminded critics that they should take into consideration that some people with senses in tact, willingly voted for ZANU-PF in the last elections.

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As such it is not hypocritical that people are actually wishing the president good on his birthday.

While some businesses blame the presidency for the decline of resources to run their enterprises, some others made public/media tributes to his excellency.

ZANU-PF youth league has gone as far as proposing that Mugabe’s birthday be declared a national holiday.

“We are fortunate to be part of this great celebration of life and given that your journey in life has been from humble beginnings and incarceration to leading out people towards total freedom,”

It will not be forgotten that as a much loved revolutionary, Mugabe freed Zimbabweans from western imperialism. His fall out with a great percentage of the people is stemmed in his refusal to vacate office and the gross economic backwardness.

His refusal has been excused and justified by his supporters, saying that his 37-year long rule should be seen as part of an irredeemable debt for leading the people to independence in 1980.

On that note it is worthy to mention other notable world leaders like Madiba and Fidel Castro. These 2 men even without asking for it ruled for a certain number of years and peacefully left the scene for others to come in and improve governance with their skills and ideas.

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Demanding for a life-time leadership in appreciation of a national and historical favor belittles the valor and level of sacrifice that went into the revolutionary success of 1980.

Still on birthday wishes, companies such as AB Communication, NetOne, and a good number of companies with affiliation to the ruling party congratulated Mugabe on his 93rd birthday.

AB Communication is a media firm owned by the minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira with controversies over its broadcasting license. Their congratulatory message reads thus:

“The high standards of excellence we emulate in all we do is from the foundation set by His Excellency who embodies the spirit of hard work,” 

NetOne, the state-owned telecommunications firm, wished a happy birthday to “The One. The Only One” President Mugabe.

According to reports, NetOne has been struggling to survive private competitions.

As he is wished “many more years” on this day by his supporters, it is becoming much more evident to some that a future without the president is imminent.

President Mugabe is the longest and oldest ruling African leader who is not keen on handing over to any known successor anytime soon.

“I have been at it [as leader] for a longer period than anyone else and leaders will have to be you know, as it were, given time to develop.”

Mugabe’s 93rd birthday is expected to come with a lavish celebration, as usual.