Museveni Vows To Stay In Power Until There’s A United States Of East Africa

As Ugandan elections draw near, presidential candidates are boosting their reputation as they campaign to rally votes. Yoweri Museveni, the current president of Uganda who has ruled the country for 30 years is also seeking to be re-elcted. Recently, the president defended his long stay in power and also expressed his deisre to extend this stay. His reason being that he seeks to help East African Countries achieve a confederation.

“I am here to see whether we can help you get the East African federation so that we have a critical mass of strength that can guarantee your future, our future and our children’s future. But not talking about presidency,” president Museveni said.

The president appeared on a live broadcast yesterday morning on Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) describing his dream of a conglomerated East African State and Pan Africanism. This East African State which will consist of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania he believes will solve most of Africa’s problems against world powers.

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“I am not a fanatic of presidency. If you want to survive, you blacks, you must work for African unity and for pan-Africanism. How will you survive against Britain, China and India? These are becoming superpowers.”

“The other time, we almost succeeded in forming the East African Federation, Mzee Moi was committed, Mzee Kabaki was committed, Uhuru is committed, we have been having some issues with Tanzanians but even (former President Jakaya) Kikwete had agreed that we move. This is the number one target that we should aim at,” the president said.

He also bashed critics who assumed he was to clinging to power to fend for himself as opposed to his pan-African goals. He stated that he had enough money to survive, “you are just here with tribalism, with religion, falling down on your knees instead of standing up so that’s why I am here to see whether I can help you and escort you…”

President Museveni is eager to win the 2016 presidential polls and even released a rap song in a bid to appeal to the youth.

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