“Pregnancy is beautiful and magical” — watching your favourite celebrity’s pregnancy transition will make you defend this statement, considering how they effortlessly make it look easy and glamorous. I have no doubt that pregnancy is beautiful and indeed magical. Who can explain an egg growing into a life-sized bundle of joy who will later cause you sleepless nights bring so much light into your life?

Scientists’ explanation of reproduction and childbirth doesn’t even seem to do it justice. But while we are going with the flow and appreciating pregnant mothers’ glow, are we inadvertently missing something? Are we championing a movement that sidelines women who are far from this “magical” image?

The Baby Glow

preg glow

Every woman wants to get the magical glow that comes with being pregnant, and everyone loves a glowing woman. However, we can’t expect all pregnant women to have this glow. The average pregnant woman is a mass of active hormones and most times they get the opposite of the glow. Some parts of the body get darker, stretch marks are all over the place and let’s not forget weight gain.

These changes aren’t bad and do not make “no-glow” mother less than “glow-mother.”

pregnancy feelings

The Snap-back

pregnancy gymmin

This is no doubt the more challenging stage. Critics are slightly pardoning when you do not have the glow, but a pregnant mum is expected to snap right back after giving birth. Excuse me but, human beings are not elastic bands. While some mothers are predisposed to fitness, some just aren’t. Even at that, the body is still healing and most doctors do not recommend hitting the gym the moment the doctor says “congratulations”.

This is in no way to discourage or bring down the really active mums who want to look “good” before and after pregnancy, it’s just a reminder that if your body does not look the way you want it to, it is okay. Rather than hopping on the treadmill immediately, you might want to use those supposedly free hours to catch up on sleep, bond with your baby, and maybe ask yourself if you really want all those curves gone. It also serves as a reminder to the public to support pregnant women as they go through this phase rather than body shaming them.