Naked restaurant

The concept of a naked restaurant is still difficult for some people to grapple with but that is not stopping another naked restaurant from opening up in Japan next month.

The previously publicized, ‘first naked restaurant in London’, called Bunyadi, opened on Saturday. Bunyadi in Elephant and Castle, had almost 47,000 people on its waiting list and opened to some positive reviews and awkward ones.

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Japan’s proposed restaurant, Amrita is however in the news for another reason.

The owners of Amrita are making it even more exclusive with rules that they published online which will block people considered fat from partaking in the naked dining. The bosses have introduced these strict rules ahead of the restaurant’opening in July.

Naked restaurant

The customers cannot be above 15 kilograms over the average weight for height and if a guest looks overweight, they will be required to step onto scales on the directive of staff of the restaurant. The restaurant will also only allow customers aged between 18 to 60 years and tattoos are banned.

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They have asked that customers who fall outside these restrictions should refrain from making reservations. They therefore suggest that customers weigh themselves before making a booking.

Amrita, which means ‘Immortality’ in Sanskrit, is set to open on July 29 and offers an online reservation service but insists that payments are made in advance and warns that no refunds will be offered to defaulting customers. A meal in the restaurant costs up to £525.

Naked restaurant

The meal will be served by men wearing g-strings, and a dance featuring male dancers is included in the price. If however the customer chooses not to watch the show, tickets are priced between £90 and £180. The guests are also required to refrain from touching one another and phones and cameras will be locked away.

We would shout at the implied injustice in not letting people in based on their weight, but it’s a naked restaurant so really it is everything but usual dining