A lot of people have used the internet to make their dreams come true and ever since President Donald Trump referred to the African country of Nambia in a UN speech, the internet has certainly helped him to create some substance out of the non-existent country.

By Nambia, the 45th President of the United States was most likely referring to Namibia but he also may have been referring to Zambia, the world will never really know considering President Donald Trump rarely pauses to correct his errors.

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The President congratulated Nambia on its excellent healthcare system and said little more about the country after that the internet, twitter, in particular, was happy to help fill in the gaps.

In fact, Nambia now has a flag designed by Geoffrey Idun that inculcates the proposed orange and white colors by another Twitter user and one of the more recognizable smileys. Check it out below.


Respondents to feelers put out by the BBC in the bid to have some fun with the President’s slip up on the non-existent country were eager and willing. One of them, Roy Chafwakale, proposed that “The official language is Trumpees. Its capital is Donado.”

Another respondent, Oluchi Nnabuihe, went even deeper with a country profile;

“Nambia is a country created in 2017, having borders in the west with Nigeria, in the south with South Africa, in the east with Ghana, and on the north with Namibia. Their flag is orange and white. They love eating Nkwobi.”

Another hacked back to another viral Trump slip up – the word covfefe; “Nambia is world leading exporter of covfefe. It’s found in the south-north of Africa.”

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The New Yorker jumped in on the fun with a satire article declaring that “Trump Names Sarah Palin Ambassador to Nambia.” A part of the article states;

“By naming Palin to this diplomatic post, the United States has become the first nation in the world to formally recognize Nambia’s existence.”

The President’s slip-up is actually not surprising. Individual countries in Africa always seem to give the West a lot of problems in recognizing or even discussing them. Easier to just refer to Africa as a whole and make the normal hasty generalizations.