Nigeria Finally Authorizes N358 Million To Settle The Super Falcons

Report from Nigeria confirms that the Presidency has authorized the payment of N471.8 million to the Nigerian teams – Super Falcons and the Eagles.

The amount will be used to settle the outstanding payments of the Eagles and the super Falcons who took to the streets to demonstrate against the unfair treatment they were getting from the government.

It was indeed utterly disappointing when the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Solomon Dalong last week said there was no money to pay the Falcons because they did not expect the female stars to win.

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A statement signed by Kenechukwu N, on behalf of the Accountant General, confirms that the sum of N358 million was paid by Central bank of Nigeria on Thursday.

According to Premium Times,

“The Office of the Accountant General of the Federation has released the mandate to Central Bank of Nigeria for payment of naira equivalent of US$1,173,820.00 at N305/$  to Nigeria Football Federation to pay outstanding winning bonuses for Super Eagles in the 2018 World Cup Qualifying Matches and for the Super Falcons’ participation in the 10th Women’s Africa nations Cup.”

The report says that “another mandate for N113.8 million has also been released by Office of Accountant General of the Federation for the payment of wining bonus for Super Eagles in the 2018 World Cup Qualifying matches; and for the Super Falcon’s participation in the 10th Women’s Africa Nation’s Cup.”

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered that the payment be done within 24 hours.

The victorious team first engaged in a sit-in protest, refusing to leave the hotel of their accommodation until their entitlements have been paid.

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The furious Falcons reportedly flouted the orders of the NFF to vacate their accommodation in Agura hotel, Abuja, saying enough is enough.

One of the playerss, who chose to remain anonymous, says that the NFF officials came to offer them $100 each for their transport allowance, promising to take care of their unpaid entitlements by next month.

After the outbursts of Nigerians through the media, the government has decided to step up to their responsibility.