The Nigerian Army Foiled Three Attacks By Suicide Bombers

The Nigerian army foiled three attacks by suicide bombers on the outskirts of Monguno.

The soldiers killed two female suspects before they could attack while the third died when her bomb was detonated prematurely.

The incident happened in Borno, north-eastern targeting some internally displaced people  (IDP camp). Army spokesperson Colonel Sani Usman said the three girls tried to attack some of the refugees who were at a well. The incident is said to have occurred around at about 06:15 (05:15 GMT).

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The attack comes at the end of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan. Islamic extremists are known stage up attacks during this period.

ISIS staged an attack that killed many an let even more wounded at Turkey’s Istanbul airport. In eastern Africa, Somalia was in shambles as terrorist group, Al-Shabab bombed  a hotel usually frequented by government persons and expats.

Similarly, on 27th June the terrorists tried to attack a mosque in Borno wile the Ramadan prayers were going on.

 Nigerian Army Foiled Three Attacks By Suicide Bombers

The report that the Nigerian army foiled three attacks comes as a relief to Nigerians who are tired of the havoc caused by the terrorist sect for the past nine years.

For the past six years the Borno state government usually placed a ban on movement in and out of the state during the Eid-el Fitr which usually marks the end of the Ramadan period. This ban was however lifted for the first time by the state’s governor, Kashim Shettima.

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Since the Nigerian army as well as other countries affected by the Islamic militants launched a counter-offensive against Boko Haram there has been considerable change. The terrorists have been reportedly driven from captured territories and have been unable to carry out a large-scale attack.