Nigerian Creates ‘Hijarbie’ — Hijab-Wearing Barbie

Last month, Mattel, the company which makes the Barbie franchise released a range of Barbies with different body types. The collection consists of dolls with three different body types; tall, petite and curvy. Not only did Mattel alter the bodies, they also got new hairstyles, hair colors and skin tones.

Barbie has often come under attack for being too skinny and not appreciating the different body types that women have. Some have argued that Barbie implicitly makes its dolls features the standard of beauty; with a thin pointy nose, high cheeks bones and small lips that does not represent all women. These are what some of the new diverse barbies look like; barbie of different tones and sizesrealistic barbies   These collection of barbies have been praised and also come under attack for still not representing some races. However, a Nigerian pharmacologist, Haneefa Adam created ‘hijarbies’, that is, barbies wearing Hijabs to represent islamic women. The 24-year old medical student who is also a fashion blogger created these styles to inspire young Muslim girls.

She also makes the clothes herself and plans to launch a modest clothing line called Hanie. She also explained why her dolls are not as racially diversified as Mattel’s new collection, citing that the diverse dolls are hard to come by in Nigeria. The young designer added that she has placed an order for them to be delivered to her from the US. These are some of the styles which are posted on her dolls’ Instagram page. hijarbie barbie

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