#NoBankingDay Trends On Twitter As Nigerians Carry Out Bank Boycott

In a show of organized solidarity, last month saw the announcement of a scheduled bank boycott spread via social media channels to Nigerians all over the country for the first of March, 2016. The announcement of the boycott came after the introduction and re-introduction of a number of service charges that saw the people angered on the amount of money they were losing to their own banks.

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The protest is actually organized by Consumer Advocacy foundation of Nigeria (CAFON) and Coalition of Nigerian Consumer Protection Association, it is against the Excessive Bank Charges currently in play in the country and it has indeed cut the interest of a number of Nigerians, it is still left to see what reports the end of the day will bring and if the banks will listen to the voice of the people and cut back on some of this charges.

empty banking hall

We’re following the trending hashtag #NoBankingDay on twitter and already there are quite a number of tweets ranging from outraged to jokey but despite all this it is easy to tell that the protest is one that is dear to many Nigerians. We’ll view some of the tweets that showcase the seriousness of the issue below.

This tweep chose to educate the few unknowing people on the importance of the protest

Here is a tweet that focuses on the gross unfairness of it all, where students have the same charges as billionaires

Wow, this one is just enlightening

This tweep goes beyond the scope of the protest but raises a relevant consideration

No kidding though, that’s a lot of money GTBank

And the church says a loud resounding, AMEN!!!

May the jokes now begin to roll in

Nigeria’s apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria has apparently proceeded to reach out, but they’re having too much fun now aren’t they?


And here is a very helpful guide of the things you should and should not do if you’re a Nigerian and take this protest to heart.

We wish Nigerians luck on this their latest undertaking and we’ll be watching to see the effects of this move against financial institutions.

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