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The Nigerian news scene has been agog with news and updates of the massive, public breakdown of one of their celebrity marriages and as more people throw their opinions into the ring and the celebrity in question; Tiwa Savage revealed in a video that she knew all along that she should not have gotten married to her husband, it may be a good time as any for us to look at some expert views on signs that one is not ready to get married.

Marriage is a huge commitment while it is natural for every couple to feel a natural apprehension or indecision at the thought, experts consider the following signs a big no-no.

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1. You think divorce is no big deal

If before you even get married, divorce is a big, brilliant exit strategy, that you are holding on to in case things do not work out alright, then you are probably not ready to make the commitment.

get married

2. You’ve only been with your partner for a short period of time

Experts believe that if you have been dating for less than two years, you are not yet ready to get married. I guess they don’t consider love at first sight as a good foundation to decide to spend life together. A longer dating period ensures you really get to know the person you are committing to.

3. You continually have the same argument

If the same issue keeps cropping up and you and your partner are unable to resolve it completely or agree to disagree on the matter, chances are that conflict resolution when you are married will prove even more difficult and that’s an essential skill in marital relationships.

get married

4. Getting married out of guilt or fear or an attempt to please someone or society

Marriage will only ever be about you and your partner, no one else will be in it with you. So do not treat it like a hostage scenario or a blackmail situation where you have to give in or be in for an unknown list of negatives. Take your time in deciding to get into this important commitment.

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5. You love the potential of who your partner could become, not who they are are right now

If you are hinging on marriage as the instrument that will bring about a monumental change in your significant other, you may not be ready to marry that person just yet. The fundamental differences in your morals, beliefs or ideas will not be suddenly bridged by marriage, so you should actually be in love with and able to live with who they are right at the moment.