Nigeria To Spend N2.3 Billion For Up-Keep Of Former Presidents In 2017… Is Recession A Hoax?

Past Nigerian leaders’ Welfare Package – From the year 2013-2016, the Nigerian government spends a whooping N2.3 billion each year to sustain past presidents, of whom 7 are still alive.

Vanguard report says that the government has proposed same amount for the year 2017; even with the supposed economic recession has devastated the Nigerian masses.

The Nigerian recession hit Nigerians hard like nothing in recent times. Businesses have crumbled, jobs have been lost. Nigerians have had to cope with the tripled prices of commodities in the market.

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As the government assures the populace that they are doing all that they can to make lives and economic conditions better for every Nigerian, some government officials have not ceased to flaunt their cars and properties worth millions of dollars.

It is perhaps only in Nigeria that a country in recession does not mind using over N250 million to clear grasses. The news was in fact one of the most preposterous of all 2016 absurd and lavish spending.


Going by the proposition, Nigeria will have spent an estimated sum of N14.35 billion on past presidents in the last 12 years.

“By the end of this year, the Federal Government would have spent, at least, N14.35 billion on the up-keep of former presidents, vice presidents and their families, over a period of 12 years.”

“For 2017, the federal government has proposed N2.3bn. The Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, OSGF, has allocated the sum of N432. 193 million for the purchase of cars for the nation’s seven former presidents/heads of state and four vice presidents”.

Past presidents’ welfare package became effective as Nigeria became a democratic nation in 1999.

The decree stated that each former President and former Head of state is entitled to a monthly N350,000 while former Vice Presidents and former Chiefs of General Staff are entitled to N250,000 per month for their upkeep.

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Some of their benefits include:

-3 cars which are replaced every 4 years.

-For being part and actively present in national conferences at least twice a year, they get N500 000.

-Medical Treatments home and abroad sponsored by government.

-Well furnished office and home in any choice location within the country.

-30 days annual vacation within and outside Nigeria at Federal Government expense.

– N1 million to families of past presidents and N750 000 for the families of the VP in cases of death.