For A Change This Man Of God Freely Gives But Gets Blasted For it

On Sunday, a Nigerian pastor based in the federal capital territory surprised his congregation by generously brandishing gifts to the people; cash and kind alike.

Pastor Joshua Iginla of the Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja, celebrated his birthday not expecting but giving instead.

In attendance to the church service that marked the pastor’s birthday were prominent Nollywood actors. Jide Kosoko, Francis Duru, Alex Usifo, Ngozi Osondu, Thelma Nwosu and Sunday Omobolanle, popularly known as Babaluwe, were all there.

The 6 of them went home with exotic car gifts from the pastor. The man of God gave them a Hummer jeep 3 series, Mercedes G-Wagon and Mercedes CLS 550.

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Pastor Joshua Iginla

Pastor Joshua Iginla during the occasion recognized the media personalities as ambassadors of the people. He also took into cognizance the fact that the society mistake them to be worth a lot of fortune when in reality, some are seriously not doing well financially.

“I’m seeing many of them for the first time today. I am seeing Jide Kosoko for the first time… Nollywood actors and actresses are our ambassadors; they have projected the image of this country positively.”– Pastor Joshua Iginla

It is on record that about this time last year, this pastor gave out 23 cars to a different set of Nollywood actors. Many have slammed him for it, calling him the “Showbiz Pastor”. However it is said that 3 Nollywood actors rejected the car gifts.

Report says that the pastor did not also forget to give to the widows, orphans and artisans. With food items, money, deep freezers and generator sets, Pastor Joshua Iginla also made their day. It is said that the cash gifts expended on that day was on a range of N150, 000 – N1.5 million.

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3 orphanages located at the outskirts of Abuja were given cash gifts of N1.5 million each. Some orphans from these charity homes also were granted scholarships from nursery education to the university level. The pastor says he has about 782 widows and orphans under his care.

“It doesn’t matter to me if I trek home as I have given even the car that I personally drive. I can only drive one car and live in one house at a time. This understanding is what has taught me that when I die, others will inherit my assets.”

Pastor Joshua Iginla

Pastor Joshua Iginla2

Pastor Joshua Iginla1