patrick lumumba

Kenya’s former anti-corruption executive, Patrick Lumumba, says the reason Africa is still holed up in underdevelopment is due to the failure of Nigeria to break from fraudulent and corrupt practices in public service.

Patrick Lumumba, who has once served as the Director of Kenya’s Anti-Corruption Commission seems to think Africa’s development is hinged on Nigeria’s development.

He urged Nigerian leaders to do everything in their power to end these prevalent profiteering activities in government. According to Lumumba, if this is gotten out of the way, Africa can instead focus on growth.

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“Africa is behind because Nigeria has not realised her potential. It’s time the leaders rise up because one in every five Africans is a Nigerian.”

Patrick Lumumba made this statement at the two-day anti-corruption summit which held recently in Abuja. The summit began on Tuesday 18, October at the Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre

Punishing Small Thieves and Electing Big Ones

The anti-corruption summit was chaired by the Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker Yakubu Dogara.

Patrick Lumumba said that Nigeria, as well as Africa as a whole, needs to put an end to the act of “punishing small thieves and electing big ones.”


The law professor was making reference to public office holders getting away with corrupt practices while members of the public get to face the full power of the law.

Hear him:

“Behavioural change culture must be instilled in Nigeria,”

“People must be made to know that if you reap where you have not sown there are consequences. Men only change their behaviors when there is a threat pain.”

He added that Nigeria needs to come up with a structure/mechanism that will ensure the effectiveness of the fight against corruption. Mr Lumumba urged the senators to be supportive of President Buhari’s war against corruption.

“Institutions are the heart of the fight against corruption but he will not succeed if the legislature is not behind him and the institutions are not strengthened.

“Because only institutions defy time and outlive those that live on graft.”

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Partisan War against Corruption

President Buhari launched a war on corruption that many have criticised to be highly partisan, as those targetted are mainly of the opposition.

Senate president Saraki, however, agreed with Patrick Lumumba, saying that the National Assembly will work in support of president Buhari’s administration.