Pignaton Sisters

Pignaton Sisters- Brazillian twins mark their centenary age with charming and outright captivating photos.

The sisters who serve as each other’s alter egos were joyed over an invitation to celebrate their 100th birthday with a photo shoot.

Photographer Camila Lima, from Cariacica, Brazil saw the story of the Pignaton sisters in a local news. She picked interest in the sisters’ story and reached out to them immediately.

“One day I was having lunch and the local TV here from my state published a report on the twin’s health, I almost choked on lunch because I was amazed.”

“I decided to get in touch with their family and offered to shoot the gift rehearsal. I thought, this is a moment that should be remembered for eternity.”

Camila specializes in taking pictures of young couples. She takes those of the elderly ones as a way of motivating the younger ones.

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Pignaton Sisters

“I am in love with the elderly and for about a year I have been taking fun photos of elderly people. I photograph many young couples, so my love for photographing old couples is a way to inspire my young couples.”

When she requested to have their pictures taken, the lovely sisters agreed. Camilla was particularly thrilled to do the shoot because it was the first time she would be personally seeing centenarians who are equally twins.

“I had never met anyone with 100 years, let alone twins that age.”

To her amazement, Camila noticed the Pignaton sisters displayed an unexpected flexibility. They were relaxed and happy all through the shoot.

“It is worth emphasising that I have photographed elderly people of all ages, and they were the only ones that did not have any kind of limitations.”

“The rehearsal was very quiet, they were excited and happy. They did everything I asked and did not complain about tiredness. They are very happy and satisfied with the photos.”

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Pignaton Sisters

The pictures will be specially used on 20th May as they commemorate their 100th year birthday. It will be an occasion for family and friends.

Paulina has 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Mary on her part has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

The Pignaton Sisters have conquered a lot of challenges together. Their forthcoming birthday celebration will serve as a golden moment to share the memorable experiences.

The sisters who say they practically live for “tapas and kisses” will unveil the pictures from the photo shoot for the occasion.

Pignaton Sisters

According to Camilla,

“Paulina has already had bowel cancer, two heart attacks, but recovered from everything. She is firm and strong.”

“Maria never had anything. 

“When one has something, the other despairs, and when they are good they do not agree on anything, but do not give up.”

Pignaton Sisters

Pignaton Sisters