Ex-police officer’s wife in New Jersey, pleads for a lighter sentence for her husband who with another police colleague are alleged to have criminally set up a black man.

The police department is one that is very vital for every society; police officers are people who swore to serve and protect the citizens. Their services which should be void of all forms of criminality are intended to keep the people safe. So are all police officers saints? That’s a heavy no! Marcus Jeter’s case proves it so.

Marcus Jeter is a black American who was accosted in a traffic stop on the Garden State Parkway, Bloomfield, by two armed white police men- Sean Courter and Orlando Trinidad, who reportedly broke Jeter’s window, hit him and forced him out of the car.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Both Officers came up with a report that implied that “Jeter resisted arrest and attempted to take a gun from one of the officers as he was being removed from his vehicle. Jeter denied those allegation. The police also claimed he struck one of the officers.”

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As fate would have it the dashboard camera in the police surveillance car vindicated Marcus Jeter after being in police custody for almost a year. Though argued over for some unclear details, the video proved that both officers framed up the report to criminally implicate the black man; it was found that Jeter who had maintained that he was innocent and in compliance to police orders had his hands raised up the whole time, was telling the truth after all. You know what they say, you can’t hide the truth for long, somehow it just gets itself out in the light.


“These officers give a bad name to all the good, honest, decent police officers,” Berta Rodriguez, Essex County Assistant Prosecutor

When criminality creeps into the security force, who then is actually safe? This will not be the first case of white police officers seemingly spewing hate on colored people especially blacks. America in recent times have witnessed a growing number of such sad tendencies. However, in defense of their actions, the accused police officers explained that Jeter’s girlfriend’s sister had called 911, claiming that Jeter had hit her sister. Jeter who was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol drove off against their order.

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Whatever truly happened on that day, heaven only knows but the court conclusively ruled that Jeter was innocent. Judging by the supreme court ruling, we can only say that this case has further revealed the level of corruption and the gross abuse of office to manipulate the law in the police force.

35-year old Sean and 34-year old Orlando have been charged with official misconduct and sentenced to a minimum of five years in state prison without parole. There was once a notion on the Oprah Winfrey show that the present generation is the most color(racial) blind generation, but with current happenings, that notion probably needs to be re-visited.

With respect to the plea of Sean Courter’s wife for leniency saying that her family will not be the same without her spouse; the black community in a blunt opposite direction see no justice in reducing his sentence.

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