So Much Politics Over The Kwameh Nkrumah Interchange

The recently commissioned Kwameh Nkrumah Interchange has become a political object all of a sudden.

The flyovers were just supposed to be infrastructures but it turns out the structure has serious political significance.

Logically, as the December elections gets closer, candidates take advantage of any achievement possible to convince the people that there is more from where it came from.

“You elected me as president to bring development to this country and I have done that satisfactorily. What I ask from you is to renew my mandate in the upcoming elections so do we can continue the development process” -Mahama.

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While speaking to the chiefs and people in Wa West district of the Upper West region, President Mahama reportedly suggested that his re-election on December 7 will unleash more infrastructural marvels in Ghana.

He enumerated his achievements in the areas of health, roads, education and rural electrification. However, he acknowledged that there are still obvious gaps in the development on the West African country.

According to Mahama,

“Change is happening already. Why call for change when we have been able to transform this country to where we are now.”

The interchange is making a lot of positive waves now in Ghana. Many have suspected that the timing of its launch could not be any perfect for the ruling party.

While his supporters are full of praises for the interchange, many are not quite enthused about it.

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Peacefm reports that the United Kingdom’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Jon Benjamin did not quite see the need for the hype.

When asked by a Twitter user what his impression over the much celebrated Nkrumah interchange were, Mr. Benjamin implied in his tweet that the structure was nothing particularly striking for him, speaking from his many travels.

“I’ve driven over thousands of flyovers in scores of countries @ ZimmAconcept so I’m not sure I’d notice particularly.