Preserve An Idea Culture Around You, Don’t Do These

Chances are, even if you are an entrepreneur, you have a team of people you work with, this would mean that beyond the ideas that come to us personally, there is always a stream of ideas flowing around us and the ability to discern the good ones and implement them is often the juice that distinguishes one enterprise from another.

A good idea is hard to define, governed as it is by a number of varying factors from societal perceptions down to changing times, for this reason many ideas require that you risk a little and believe in someone else beside yourself.

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Most people however never learn to do this and are instead handicapped by an insistence to go with either things that have worked many times before, or things they alone think about, these people may find themselves several steps behind the times. Don’t be that person and don’t let your organization be one of those places, look at these ways to avoid killing good ideas around you

Create An Atmosphere Where People Feel Free To Pitch Ideas:

This is simple enough to do, create a culture of asking for ideas from the people around you. Rather than outright harsh put-downs when the idea is not so good, state reasons why it may not work and show your willingness to receive feedback if they work out the kinks.


Do Not Meet To Death:

Avoid meeting upon meeting that reach no conclusions and allow you alone occasion to speak. Every meeting should have an agenda and the purpose should be followed through and concluded. To do otherwise time after time will tire out the people you are meeting with and decrease the excitement that is often needed to drive ideas.

Do Not Hand Off An Idea To An Unwilling Participant:

Someone who cannot connect to an idea will probably execute it poorly. If the originator of the idea cannot be led to carry it through, make sure whoever it is handed to is invested in it’s execution. Nothing encourages bringing forth ideas like seeing past ideas that have been executed with care and precision.

Communicate Steps And Successes At Appropriate Instances:

As you proceed with executing the idea, communicate the steps that you have taken, the successes or otherwise hindrances that have come on the journey to it’s completion. This will make people more connected to the idea and as such further ideas may be generated to help it along.

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