“Thou Shall Not Tempt The Lord Thy God” – A Prophet’s ‘Wonder-Thirst’ Story

Alec Ndiwane thought he was filled with the Holy Spirit when he decided to “challenge” lions at the Kruger National Park – Report

The pastor was with his followers at the park when he supposedly fell into a trance; moved by the spirit, he was almost sure God wanted him to challenge lions that were peacefully eating in their territory. He ran towards the lions, provoked them and the lions reacted back. Lions are rarely loyal friends of human beings and this prophet should have known that. Sensing the pending danger, the scales fell from his eyes and he immediately made a u-turn. In an attempt to flee, the lion pounced on him and tore the flesh of his buttocks before security aid arrived and scared the lions away with gun shots.

This will not be the first of its kind when “men of God” attempt impressing their congregation by doing preposterous and out-right silly things. Prophet Alec Ndiwane, of the Zion Christian Church was a victim of his own wonder-thirst drama. Of all places to display his ‘spiritual ambition’, this African pastor chose the pride of lions!

This is a direct consequence of twisting the scriptures to soothe a personal will. Perhaps the pastor for a moment saw himself as the “Daniel” or the “Samson” of our time. Not that anything is wrong with it if he saw himself that way but there are many practical occasions that the Daniel’s story is a metaphor for.

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The proliferation of churches is naturally bringing in the consciousness for publicity and subsequently, riddling the inter-church relationship with unnecessary competition. It is speculated that most christian leaders compromise their christian faith just to tag along.

It’s like this, you impress the followers, more people show up to see for themselves, and before you know it the story is everywhere. This tactic is just about the oldest and cheapest trick in the book to ‘convert’ people and grow the number of church members. Need I say that more members determine the weight of church offerings? That’s story for another day.

Pastor Alec was hospitalized; he underwent a surgery to suture up and save what was left of the buttocks. In his words,

I do not know what came over me, I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth.

Can’t help but wonder how it is that the spirit of God known for the gift of discernment and precision was not clear enough for this prophet to understand? Well we hope the likes of pastor Alec will learn from this wonder-thirst experience.

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