Remorseless 62-year old White Man Kills Black Teen; Calling Him Another Piece Of Trash

It cannot be said enough that it will take ages for Americans to finally become racially blind to each other.

James Means is a 15-year old boy who was just killed by a 62-year old white man identified as William Ronald Pulliam.

The two, according to report, bumped into each other in front of a store. Witnesses said that the teenager accidentally bumped into the elderly man, who became visibly infuriated.

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After that the 2 met again and exchanged words. Pulliam got angry, pulled out a gun and shot the teenager twice in the abdomen.

The boy died shortly after arrival at Charleston Area Medical Center General Hospital. Strikingly, the 62-year old shooter did not budge, he left the scene and went to have a good time with his friends.

The police arraigned him in his home only to be told by the untouched man, that as far as he was concerned he did the world a favor.

“The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street.”

Initial reports confirm that while the brutal killing of unarmed black Americans is no longer news, Pulliam’s irritating nonchalant attitude towards the murder of James Means seems to be a replica of another murder case in 2012.

According to Shaun King of Daily News, another black teenager was killed in a trivial fashion in 2012. Jordan Davis was shot by Micheal Dunn because the music in his friend’s car was loud.

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King wrote that “the 47-year-old white man, after firing 10 rounds into the car full of teenagers, went back to his hotel room, watched television, ordered pizza, and poured himself some drinks”.

William Pulliam appears to have been a threat to teenagers of color. He had earlier had an episode with a Hispanic boy who was lucky to still be alive on alerting the police.