The Most Amazing And Historic Rio Olympic Moments In Pictures

Before the Rio Olympics there were worries over failed Olympic logistics at Rio. However there are still  recorded Rio Olympic highlights that will not be forgotten so soon.

US leads with highest number of medals and gold medals, followed by China and then Great Britain.

US amassed 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze; making a total of 121 medals. China has 26 gold, 18 silver, 26 bronze; making a total of 70 medals while Great Britain has 27 gold, 23 silver and 17 bronze; making a total of 67 medals.

Interestingly the Brazilian Olympic football team won the gold medal, Germany took silver and Nigeria won the Bronze medal.

Some other funny happenings includes the sudden turning of the swimming pools from blue to green color and the fabricated robbery story of the US swimmers.

Before then there were logistical setbacks, some were rectified, some others were managed, either way the show went on and will forever be remembered as another golden moment in the history of sports.

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First Refugee Olympic Team Set To Win Gold For All Refugees

Particularly, Rio 2016 will be remembered for  making a space for the refugees in many parts of the world. Rio 2016 featured for the first time ever the Refugee Olympic Team.

We will not forget the Russian doping allegations. However they made an impressive Olympic performance. We will not also forget that a handful of African athletes were deported for a range of reasons.

In all it was an amazing event. Brazil has handed over to Tokyo for 2020 Olympics.

Below are some Rio Olympic highlights in pictures:


Kate Ledecky is an American swimmer who is the current world-record holder in the women’s 400-, 800-, and 1,500-meter freestyle. She went away with 4 gold medals and 1 bronze.


Michael Phelps is the most decorated Swimming champ at the moment. With 22 Olympic gold medals over time, Phelps may have featured his last at the Olympics.

fastest man alive

Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive made away with 2 gold medals at the Rio Olympics. He might as well have run his last for the Olympics.


Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the world. Simone went home with 4 gold medals and 1 bronze medal.


Simone Manuel is the 1st black American female swimmer to win an Olympic gold medal.

Yusra Mardini

Yusra Mardini is the 17 year old refugee who swam from Turkey to Greece saving 20 lives. She adds to the impeccable profile by making it to the Olympics.


By winning a gold medal, Rafael Silva, a Brazilian Judoka champ fulfilled her childhood dreams. On a bigger scale, she won the first medal for Brazil, the host country.


Shuaner Miller’s dive to win is perhaps the most unforgettable of all the Rio Olympic highlights. The American athlete could not cross the finish line the traditional way so she decided to dive the rest… Guess what? She won the gold.

Etenesh Diro

Etenesh Diro was the Cinderella of the Rio Olympics. She made it to the finish with just one shoe on.


Majlinda Kelmendi is the latest world champ. She is the first Olympic gold medalist from Kosovo.


Mo Farah falls to win… The Somali-British athlete had a habit of falling in his 2 competitions. Remarkably he gets up and beats every other athletes on the tracks. He went home with 2 gold medals.


Jemima Sumgong is the First Kenyan female athlete to win an Olympic gold for the marathon competition.

Olympics: Judo

Kayla Harrison is the US Judoka multi-gold medalist who is famous for saying “No One Will Break Me.” And surely, no one did.

US D'Agostino And NZ Hamblin Support Each Other During Fall

This was the most humane of all the Rio Olympic highlights… It’s not always about winning but reaching out a hand even to a stranger cum rival in need.