SA Mayor Athol Trollip Bans Officials From Travelling First And Business Class

Athol Trollip, the new mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay municipality in South Africa, has banned public officials working in his municipality from flying first- and business-class while carrying out domestic assignments.

Mayor Trollip has rather suggested that public workers under his jurisdiction should resort to making use of the economy class, as part of austerity measures taken to save funds. Funds saved from the stringent financial restriction will be channeled into other sectors that would improve service delivery and grow the South African economy.

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Trollip, a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party stated the days in which former administrations squandered public funds on travel will now cease.

SA Mayor Athol Trollip Bans Officials From Using First And Business Class

He said:

“Under previous administrations, an excessive amount of money was spent on luxurious travel instead of on service delivery. Those days are over.”

The African National Congress (ANC) had previously held the post at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The party has been criticised for being corrupt and wasting government funds.

Mayor Trollip is not the only one having a firm grip on the abuse of public funds. Mayor Solly Msimanga, another DA Mayor in charge of Tshwane municipality, recently banned politicians and senior officials from purchasing or leasing luxury cars.

Msimanga also banned blue lights on the vehicles of politicians and officials in Tshwane, and he did not make himself exempt from this rule.

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This has made Msimanga popular among South Africans on social media who admire his approach–one that opposes the corruptive nature of the previous ANC government.

Trollip hopes this new move will aid his campaign promise of securing R100 million ($7million) in savings in his first 100 days, which will be redirected towards the improvement of service delivery and growing the economy to create jobs.