The White Men Who Forced Black South African Into Coffin Have Been Arrested

A certain racist coffin video of 2 white South African men forcing a black man into a coffin went viral a while ago. The Police has reacted to the criminal acts of these men and arrested them for it.

The video, which lasted for about 20 seconds, showed a black man being brutally forced into a coffin. As the black man, Victor Rethabile Mlotshwa, resisted and squealed, they threatened to pour petrol over him and set him on fire. They also threatened to put a snake into the coffin as well.

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What happened next after that is not known; neither is it known what had transpired to warrant the degrading act.

Recent reports say the two white South Africans have been arrested and will be charged for “kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm”.

The men, identified as Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson, are due to appear in the Middleburg Magistrate Court on Wednesday.

The video sparked outrage from South Africans, condemning the act. EFF leader Julius Malema, stresses that there was no other explanation for acts like that if not the discrimination against blacks in their country.

“This humiliation can be based on nothing else but his blackness, which means it is in actual fact a humiliation of black people as a whole.”

A couple of days ago Malema vowed to lock up the 7th and last South African apartheid leader FW de Klerk, if he becomes the president, for killing innocent black people.

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He also issued a warning as well to Afrikaner males, saying if he wins they will know their place in South Africa.

Many have accused Malema of instigating chaos in the country but with the racist coffin video, it is rather hard to say he has no justifiable reason behind his views.

By far there has been an encouraging racial blindness in the post-apartheid South Africa. However, racism may never go away. There is still more to be done to curb racial crimes.

With the spate of reported racial crimes, the South African government is working towards the introduction of specific laws to prosecute race related crimes.