Apple may have announced its iPhone 7  on Tuesday, inviting the whole world to anticipate the fully water-proof marvel that it promises to be, but fellow smartphone and tech maven as well as Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, seems to only have bad news to share about its own latest offering – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Samsung had been forced to announce a global recall of the smartphones last week when pictures of a burned and melted handset were published online.

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the very first Samsung device to carry a USB Type-C socket, which essentially means that it ships with a micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter, pinpointing the actual cause of the explosions will not be an especially easy task. The explosions could have been caused by faulty chargers, faulty adapters, faulty batteries or any form of misuse.

The recalls and delayed shipments of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had shaken the fate of investors in the company and on Thursday, the US Federal Aviation Administration brought more issues for Samsung to worry about.

The FAA on Thursday advised passengers using the phone not to turn them on, charge them or check them in with their baggage while flying. They stopped short of banning the phone on flights altogether.

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Apparently, airplane mode just won’t do for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the advisory may eventually lead to a ban which would lead to the Transportation Security Administration, searching out the smartphone, making sure of the exact model and prying them from passengers.

Sadly, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you must live with the fact that for now, it is a huge flight risk and could soon lead to longer check-in sessions at the airport.