Red Sea Bridge

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are currently working together to build a bridge that will serve as a link to both countries. The announcement of the Red Sea bridge initiative was made by the king of the middle East country, King Salman. He made it known during his recent 5-day official visit to Egypt’s capital, Cairo.

It is almost not debatable that Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations have been financially supportive to Egypt. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi’s administration has particularly benefited from their assistance. In his official visit to Egypt, King Salman and President al-Sisi are set to sign bilateral deals totaling a deafening sum of $20 billion. The agreements are in respect to development, agriculture and Egypt’s energy sector.

Judging from their co-operational relationship, the red sea bridge is most definitely for the mutual interest of both countries. Logically this should cement their relationship ties for the better.

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“Saudi Arabia regards Egypt as a crucial partner in efforts to build a bloc of friendly Sunni Muslim states as a bulwark against growing regional influence of Shia-led Iran.”- BBC

According to President al-Sisi, the bridge would be named after the Saudi king. This is the first of the numerous times plans to construct this bridge is taking shape. Unlike other times, the red sea bridge construction is nearer to “becoming a reality”.

In 2005, former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak dropped the red sea bridge idea on security and environmental cares. His security was not far from the fact that the Northern Sinai is now a base for Islamist insurgents. He also bothered about the preservation of the red sea coral reefs.

Connecting these two countries clearly has an ethnic cum religious undertone. On a larger scale this will mean connecting two continents. Aside the display of Arabic solidarity, the red sea bridge will soon become a historical structure. It is expected to be a connective route from the Sinai Peninsula to the Gulf kingdom.

The structure also has economic benefits in store for the Egyptian government. With the red sea bridge, trade and tourism could be boosted. It could also serve as a route for Muslims on pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Initial estimates revealed that the structure will be worth about $3-4 billion.

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