Scientists To Invent Safety-AirPlane That Detaches Its Entire Cabin In Cases Of Emergency

An engineering team headed by Vladimir Tatarenko have started making plans on the invention of a safety airplane with detachable cabin in a case of an emergency. The aircraft contains several safety features to ensure the protection of lives, many of which have been brutally lost in plane crashes. The truth is that no matter how much you adhere to the safety tips eloquently dished out by the air hostess, planes still crash and people still lose their lives. As much as most airplane accidents are beyond human control, technology has stepped in to attempt bridging the gap.

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Transportation by air is the fastest way to get to your destination in good time. Nevertheless, the world has recorded many airplane crashes, leading to gross damage and loss of lives. As a serious concern, scientists seem to have come up with an answer to reduce airplane tragedies. A while ago, a simulated video of a proposed safety-airplane was designed by Kiev aviation:


As it is, Tatarenko who spent 50 years in this research, has been given the patent to commence with the invention of this aviation wonder. The Ukrainian aviation expert, whose frequent contact with aviation accident scenarios, came up with the vision and mission to do something about saving human lives, as he says,

“Looking at these horrors constantly, knowing the statistics on the destruction of the aircraft, I came to some conclusions. People have a wrong impression of aircraft accident in which 80% of the cause of the accident – the human factor (the crew and those who prepare the flight) .”

According to Daily Mail report, the aircraft design contains safety features such as:

-Parachutes attached to the roof and rubber tubes that inflate on the bottom of the cabin- enabling it to land on water or on “damping platform”

-Storage space that holds passenger’s luggage under the cabin

-An escape capsule system that detaches at any time- during take-off, landing, and while flying


The designed safety-airplane is a good thought and work but a number people have wondered what this prospective invention will do to the price of plane tickets; will it make it much more exorbitant? From the facts obtained from the engineer’s survey, majority of the people give preference to safety at any cost. Other worries include the fate of the pilot and what happens if the cabin is detached in a mountainous environment?

The proposed safety-airplane is delayed by financial constraints as the first phase of the experiment alone will cost about $1 million.

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